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"Yesterday was the first triathlon  I've ever competed in and it was for lack of a better word, Amazing!!  Not only was the atmosphere pumped up

with positivity,  but the support of the voluteers  and fellow competitors was over the top.  Congratulations on a successful event  and judging by the turnout,  a much needed event for the valley!  I'm looking forward to participating  in it again next year." 


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400 YARDS (8 LAPS)


• Please be on the deck of the pool 10 - 15 minutes prior to swim wave start time all racers stand in single-file on deck of the pool until lane is ready

• When a lane is available, a volunteer will signal for you

• A volunteer will tell you when to start

• You will receive a reminder from a volunteer when you have one (1) lap left when swim portion is finished, you will be directed to the transition area

Timer stops when you exit the back pool door!


9.50 MILES


Starts in Wasilla Pool parking lot

From transition:

• Right onto Bogard (stay on shoulder of road)

• Right onto Wasilla Fishhook 

• Right onto Seldon 

• Right onto Bogard 

• Return to the transition area in the Wasilla Pool parking lot


5K (3.10686 MILES)


Begins in Wasilla Pool Parking Lot
There will be one aid station and portable toilets at Wasilla Fishhook/Peck

From the transition area:

• Right on Bogard (stay on bike path)

• Right at "T" of Wasilla/Fishhook bike path

• Right on Peck

• Right on Bogard

• Right on Dellwood

• Left at Dellwood cul-de-sac

• Follow path between houses

• Follow sign to Finish Line in front of Pool


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