AGES 6-12  


Kids have to be six on Race Day!  


Two Divisions for kids race 6-8, 9-12. Prizes for top girl and boy in each division.

There will be a separate kids transition area.


The course will be chalked with arrows for the kids to follow.  There will be volunteers to assist and direct racers.


Racers will get their timing chip on the Pool Deck.  They will get assistance on the Pool Deck with their timing chip.  

Or click here to see how to wear the chip.   



Bike (with kick stand)

Bike Stand (if bike doesn't have kick stand)

Helmet (not optional!)

Bucket/Bag (to hold extra clothes/items)

Bike/Running Shoes

Long sleeve shirt or jacket


Sun glasses

Swim goggles



Water bottle


Transition Opens:             7:00 a.m.

Check In/Body Marking:   11:00-12:15

Kids' Race Meeting:         12:15


Kids' Race Begins:           12:30

    Racers will be called by order of bib #. Bib numbers are assigned in order of registration.

*kids race start is subject to change due to timing of adult race


• Parents are NOT allowed to get in the pool with their child, but they CAN ride their bikes and run with them on the course.

• Kid racers may use flotation devices and kickboards if necessary.

• Kids may accept assistance from their parents and volunteers to ensure safety and following the right course.

• Bike stand/kick stand are MANDATORY

• It is recommended bikes face front end out in order to make for a smoother and faster transition.

•  Kid racers should follow all adult race rules as well.