**New this year:

All kids will do the same lengths in each part of the triathlon.

**Parents, it is a good idea to take your kids out to the course so they know where to go on race day!




Race Meeting 1:15 p.m.

After Race Meeting, the announcer will call groups of bib #'s to enter

Pool to get ready for swim



2 laps

- Please stand in a single-file line on deck until a lane is ready

- When a lane is available, a volunteer will signal for you.

- Exit the Pool by back door and run around the pool on green carpet.


Kids may use a floatation device (Wasilla Pool provides them)



Begins in Wasilla Pool Parking Lot



- right onto Bogard (follow the bike path along Bogard)

- right at the bike path fork

- continue to follow the bike path along Wasilla Fishhook

- turn around at Peck

- follow the bike path back to the Wasilla Pool parking lot





Begins in Wasilla Pool Parking Lot

From the transition area:



-from parking lot

-run L along Bogard

-L on Peck

-L @ Dellwood 

-Run through Dellwood cul-de-sac

-Go through gate & follow trail to finish line